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After a stay in Dubai we arrived in Manila

After having a sleepless night, finally we arrived in Manila yesterday. I am sure you heard of the flood that caused a havoc in Manila. But thank God Quezon City, where we live, is not that much affected. Our first flight was cancelled and we thought of maybe breaking up our trip to Manila at all. Now we are glad we didn’t.
It is still a little rainy here, but a very nice temperature of 27°C. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Office for International Programs at Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) and hopefully we will start to look for an apartment where we gonna live the next six month.

We had some fun days in Dubai before and got a lot to see. We made a city tour the one day and went by wonderful watertaxis, you can see below. Dubai has wonderful beaches and there are so many skyscrapers and huge malls to see. One day we made a desert tour by a jeep, that was really fun. But surprisingly it was not as hot as we thought a desert must be ^^
It was absolutely noticeable that we were in an muslim country. It felt like we were the only women on the streets, in addition the were very less Europeans – a very special experience!

Because of so much organisational stuff we had to do that day we did not get to see a lot of Manila – but we have another six month ;)

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  1. Stefan

    heeeeey hey!so you've arrived and you're alive, healthy and all good. great! We that we stayed here in Germany are so glad that everything turned out well. Of course we are hungry for news, so write soon! I wish you all the best, my dear cousin :) S

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