They have sun in Tel Aviv

When you have a look at the map of Tel Aviv you think it is huge. But Tel Aviv is actually a rather small city where you can reach almost everything by feet. So we started our city exploration after breakfast by feet. First destination: The beach.

Although it was a hot and sunny day, there were not a lot of people on the beach. We wandered in the sand and took a rest in the sun. We realized just a few meters behind us there was a couple (?) dressed in their Purim costumes having sex. And I can tell they were not shy in letting everybody else knowing, what they were doing.

We did not watch the show until the end and continued our way along the beach and Shlomo Lahat Promenade to eventually turn left for HaCarmel Market. The hidden streets on the way to this everyday open market were tiny and quiet. HaCarmel market itself is a busy and crowded place. The market where you can get everything from fruits to gadgets is weaving along one narrow lane with some bolters into even smaller alleys. In those alleys one can find for example the meat bothes. The sellers are lingering in their shops between the red flesh, having a cigarette.

Just a stone throw away from HaCarmel is the Yemenite quarter with its old traditional houses, its beautiful tiny shops, lots of haberdashers and cafés. It’s an area where you sit down on one of the numerous wooden benches, have a coffee and watch people come and go. And so did we.

From Yemenite Quarter you can easily get back to the seaside. Along the shore we walked down until we reached Old Jaffa, which supposedly has the oldest harbour in the world and a very nice historic center. There are a lot of small shops selling antique staff, second hand furniture and clothes. You can also find a messy flea market and heaps of nice restaurants in Old Jaffa. We had some spritzer, olives and bread with dips in the sunny afternoon.


After that we visited HaPisga Garden, which is a nice place for walking around and feeling throw back centuries ago. Cos Old Jaffa is located relatively high you also have a great view over the city of Tel Aviv. At last we did a flying visit to the old harbour and made our way home back to Ido’s place by one of the free city bikes.

Back in the city centre we met Asaf and Ido again for dinner in an Arab restaurant. They invited us for arak, which is anise liquor (and I do not like anise). But the arak served in this restaurant was mixed with fresh ice and grapefruit juice that made it a tasteful pleasure.  Before we left the waiter came over to me with the words: Give me your hand! Give me your finger! I was so surprised that I just stretched my arm into his direction. The moment after I had a plastic ring on my finger flashing in rainbow colors. Kati got one as well.

Because I am afraid of getting an epileptic seizure I am not wearing the ring, but it will accompany me back home as a souvenir of Tel Aviv.

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