The most beautiful place

This one day I went on my own to the nearby (Nuts Huts) waterfalls. Is was a wondeful short walk along the Loboc River and through a litlle village with very friendly people, chasing after you, waving and saying hello.
I arrived at the waterfalls and I was overwhelmed by its beauty. I was the only person there, besides a young woman and her daughter, washing colourful clothes in the River. I carried nothing with me, no camera, no cellphone – nothing. I let my clothes at the shore and swam across the river to the waterfalls. I climbed up some small, but slippery mossy rocks. It was beautiful – from there I had a view over all those little creeks and rapids finding their way through a beautiful nature to the waterfalls.
I sat down on one of the rocks just like the little mermaid and enjoyed this wondeful moment for a while. From time to time some small boats were passing by and the people were waving up to me sitting there on the rock – and I am sure they wondered how I got their, because it is realy not easy to come up the slippery rocks.

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