Somewhere in Paradise

The island with no electricity and glooming water

After I spend two weeks in Manila it was time for me to get out of the city and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Philippines again.

After a struggle where to go – surfing, diving – I decided to join ten other foreign students to a trip to a simple island with no electricity.

We left on Friday evening by bus in direction Zambales and made a stop-over in Angeles. Angeles has a huge entertainment district, which means – strip clubs and whore houses. And for sure we went to one of the strip clubs. But it was not at all what we expected : no naked girls, no pole dancing, nothing. It was actually really boring because there were more than fifty girls, wearing sexy clothes in combination with sometimes sneakers or flip-flops, but noone of them could actually dance. There was no show, no entertainment at all and no striptease. But still white old guys were lingering around with young and petite Filipinas in short skirts.

Afterwards we went to 7-eleven (supermarket) to equip ourselves with food and water for the island and finally we were on our way their, just one more ride by van and boat.

The island is like paradise. There is actually only one family living by the beach and that’s it. There is no electricity, no running water, no cell phone reception (Handyempfang), nothing – back to nature. We were so lucky to go there, cos usually we would not be able to go there. A Filipino local friends arranged this trip to this hidden place for us.

We were sleeping under the sky on the beach. The wood for the fire at night we had to get from the forest by our own. We got some fish and rice from the family there and cooked it over fire and eat it with just our bare hands. And we were swimming a lot in the lonely bay.

The bay of the island is surrounded by huge green mountains and wild nature.

On Sunday we made our way with the help of two local women to some waterfalls. It was so good to take a bath in the natural pool, because we didn’t have a shower in a while and skin and hair felt stiff and sticky because of the salty Sea water. Then we climbed up the rocks of the several waterfalls there ans enjoyed a beautiful view over the bay.

At night the sky was so full of stars, such a stary sky you would never see in a city. And there were fireflies (Glühwürmchen) all over and when you were looking up to the sky it seemed like the stars were moving, but it actually were fireflies.

But the most exciting thing about this trip to the island was THE GLOOMING WATER (leuchtendes Wasser). One night we went swimming under the dark sky. The Sea was black at night, one could just see some reflection of the moon in the water. But when we went into the water and moved ourselves, little spots in the water were starting to gloom. It was like there were stars or fireflys in the water. I have never seen something like that before and it was probably the most impressing and exciting thing I have seen so far in the Philippines! This is something one cannot describe, it is just amazing! Lately on Sunday we had to go back to civilization.

After a little research one the Internet today, Martin found out that what we saw in the bay at night is called ‘Biolumineszenz’. (siehe Wikipedia: ‘Das so genannte Meeresleuchten wird durch Plankton hervorgerufen, zum Beispiel von einzelligen Dinoflagellaten (Noctiluca miliaris), die auf Strömungsveränderungen mit der Aussendung von Licht reagieren. Meeresleuchten lässt sich an zahlreichen Küsten beobachten.’)

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