Taipei 1st

Taipei 3rd

The third day in Taipei started with a visit of two temples: the Buddhist Bao An Temple and the Confucius Temple.
Because Confucius is the Educator and Teacher the temple was also crowded by people who were practicing different things: children dancing groups, small orchestras, Thai Chi practitioners etc.
The Buddhist and the Confucius Temple were really different from each other, but still both were really beautiful and fully decorated.
Afterwards we took the Santa Claus bus to go to National Palace Museum. Actually I found it really funny that every bus driver was dressed like a Santa, cos usually Christmas is not that big in this Buddhist country and one cannot see that huge Christmas decorations like in the Philippines.
The National Palace Museum actually used to be a huge and impressive palace. Nowadays this museum informs about the Taiwanese and Chinese culture and the different dynasties. Although the museum was nice to look at and the interior had a nice design, the content actually was disappointing for me. I expected more information about the country and the people itself. But sadly it was more like one China vase after another.
In the evening Knuwu, the girls and me tried some Taiwanese beer. Actually it’s not that good – we stick with the German.

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