Taipei 2nd

The second day in Taipei we visited one of the most biggest mangrove forests in the world. It was wonderful to walk though the forest but still you were in the city and you could see the skyscrapers around. Our walk ended at Fishermen’s wharf and in outer district of Taipei where we visited again different temples, an historic area and a market.
After that we went to the Hot Springs in the middle of Taipei. And again it was like to be in an oasis – a green spot with those hot steaming spring, but still when you looked up you found yourself surrounded by skyscrapers.
There were three basins in which the water of the hot springs was floating. We went into the second one and I felt like I was cooking, because it was so damn hot. We could not believe that the Taiwanese could stand this heat! When we went out of the water a short time later our bodies were completely red. We found out that we went to the wrong basin, cos the first one is the coldest one should start with. Like in a sauna you switch between the hot basin and a frozen one. And after a while we made it even to the hottest basin!
After this relaxing bath in the hot springs we made our way to Shida Night Market. There are lots of night markets in Taipei. On those crowded night markets one can find a lot of street food, but also clothes, jewellery and other things.
Taiwan has a really nice cuisine, we enjoyed the fresh and healthy food there. But still since it’s Asia-Asia one can also find a lot of chicken feet, complete pork’s heads, pork’s feet and every dead animal is always sold complete, that means with head, feet and so on.

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