Taipei 1st

Those days in Taipei were really cold. It was like I finally had a fall/ winter. During the day there were around 13°C and in the night around 10°C. But surprisingly I was appreciating the coldness. Yes, I can not hide I am a European.

But strangely they had no heating there. So all rooms in our hostel were really cold, but they had warm thick blankets so that we could have a warm sleep.

Taipei was our first trip to what we call Asia-Asia since we left Germany this year. Asia-Asia means symbol characters, a language that is completely different from ours, a temple culture and less American fastfood.

Taipei is nice, it’s clean, it’s green and you feel like you can breeze fresh air. But to my surprise the streets and subways were empty during weekdays.

The frist day we went by foot the whole day and I am lucky we did. Because thereby we got to see much more, than we would have seen by taking the Metro.

First of all we visited a huge Memorial in the typical Chinese architecture and I can tell I was really impressed.

On our way to the next sight we found an indoor market by coincidence with a lot of Taiwanese food and specialties. Every dead animal you saw there, still had a head, altough it was cooked, fried etc.One could buy pig’s feet, whole gooses and for sure a lot of things one could not even guess what it was.

In Taiwan you can never aks. Nobody will understand you, nobody can speak English and even if you find someone who can speak some words you will have a hard time to understand him.

In addition we also found a second hand store with all goods you can imagine. It was wonderful to wander through these old chinese relicts and to explore the daily goods of the people but in a different way than going to a musuem.

While we were walking though the streets of Taipei we also found a street where they sold pets, especially birds. There one could really see the attitude of Asians towards animals. The small cages where so crowded of birds – it was unbelievable.

The next stop that day was the Longshan Temple and what I liked about this buddhist temple was, that it was really crowded but not by tourists. A lot of believers were there around praying and bringing sacrifices.

Then we had a walk on the shoreline of the city river and again we were walking in the green and you could here the sounds of animals. This is actually something I really miss back in Manila.

At last we made our way to the underground mall, but we just founf this place by coincidence. We didn’t know that this was the underground mall, we just thought it was the Metro. But actually one has to walk through this underground mall to get to the station. And there was a strange thing that you would never see in Germany.

There was an open dancing studio inside this station/mall. People who were on their way to the station just crossed this kind of studio. But studio is not the right expression. It is more like a hall and there are mirrors at the wall and people are dancing infront of those mirrors, one dancing class just right next to another one.

And everywhere there are those gambling and toy machines and manga figures all over the place. Often the advertisements are mangas.

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