Tagaytay with Tita Jenny

Last monday we were invited by the owner of our apartment, we call her Tita Jenny (Tante Jenny) to go on a trip with her to Tagaytay.
But before the actual trip started we were invited to have a filipino breakfast at her place in Makati. Tita Jenny and Tito Santi (her husband) have a really nice house in which two house maids are caring for our breakfast. They serve rice, a pork dish, beef omelette, fried eggs and coffee, but also a fruit salad and an ube pie.

After finishing our breakfast, we went to Tagaytay 1,5h away from Manila – the personal driver (!) was already waiting for us in the Mercedes van. We had some drinks on the trip to Tagaytay and Tita Jenny told us a lot of things about the Philippines – its food, its people and nice places to go to.

Tagaytay is a really nice place in the Mountains of Central Luzon. From the hilltops of Tagaytay one has a beautiful view over the huge Lake Taal and its Volcano. First we went to a huge Resort and it must have been really expensive their!! The area was huge and every place

was even nicer than the other one and from all over the place one had that nice view to the Taal Volcano.
We asked Tita Jenny for some Filipino food, so we ate dinner in a nice restaurant. We had lots of filipino dishes and they all were really tasteful. We had different kinds of fish, some you eat the whole with bones, vegetables, shrimps, rice and a banana desert.

We spent the whole day in different places of Tagaytay and got to know so much about the Filipino way of living.

In the evening we had Filipino dinner again at Santis and Jennys house. And then they took us round the city to show us the nice places to go especially in the evening. What would we just do without Tita Jenny and Tito Santi! I guess we would need so much time to find nice spots in Manila and now we kniw them all! Thank You Tita and Tito!

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