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Roadtrip 2: Torquay and Lorne

After the short stay in Melbourne we continued our road trip to the Great Ocean Road, which goes along the south coast from Torquay to Allensford. This road is just about 250 km long, but still there is a lot of beautiful (nature) places to see, so you will stop a lot. There are still some kilometers to go from Melbourne to Torquay. From the the road starts to curl along the shore line. On our way we stopped every now and then to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

One of the touristy attractions on that part was the Split Point Lighthouse. A very white lighthouse enthroned on the green spring coast. That day it was not possible to go up the spire. From there you also enjoy a very nice and wide view over the cost and some impressive rocks in the water. It was a very sunny day, so we sat down on one of the wooden benches, letting the wind blow our hair wild.

We then went on to Lorne. It was not too easy to find a hostel there, but finally we found some place to stay in a very nice pension in the rainforest where the cockatoos were lingering on the terraces, the roofs of the guesthouses and in the trees. Unfortunately the operator of the place was some kind of a cleaning maniac and a choleric. But if this doesn’t agitate you, you will enjoy you stay in the wonderful green place.

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