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First day in school

Today was the day classes should start and we should have been given our class schedule on the weekend, but unfortuneatly there was no class schedule there. – Business as usual, everything is a little lazy here in the Philippines. So the bad thing about it was, that I have a class on Monday morning 7.30am if my first prefence courses were confirmed. But since I had no confirmation of my class schedule I had to go their by chance. Fortuneatly there was class and I was assigned.

The class on Monday is about ‘Performance and Presentation’ and I really liked, especially because it is a very small class of only eleven people, which offers a very good learing atmosphere.

I had chosen only courses on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But when I went to the Office for International Programs to ask for my schedule I got to know that my schedule actually has changed and now I have courses Monday to Thursday. This is a pity, cos this means less time for travelling. I thought about skipping the course on Monday, cos on Thursday there are two courses, but since I really liked this special class today I decided to last it as it is for now.

I am really excited for the next courses cos actually the class on Monday is relatively lean back, but usually one has to do a lot (!) of homework. Let’s see.

Now that I have classes from Monday to Thursday I have to choose my cuts ((Schwänzen) wisely, cos there are only three cuts for each class in a whole semester. I think I will have to get used to this kind of school-like system. But actually I am convinced to learn a lot, cos I am forced to work a lot for university during the semester.

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An exciting weekend

After a great start into the weekend with the Orientation Seminar on Friday the last weekend would end very nice too.

On Saturday morning I met Ines, a German graduate student who is doing her interviews for her diplome thesis in the Phillies, in Pasay to go to Tagaytay again. We took a bus to Tagaytay and during the whole ride there was a horribly loud and really bad action movie.

In Tagaytay we bargained for a triclycle and rode to Talisay. The route down the hill was wonderful and we had a beautiful view of Lake Taal and the Volcano on the Island inside the lake. Having arrived in Talisay we took a boat to take over to the Taal Island. The lake is so big (3rd big one ine the Philippines) that it feels like one is out on the Sea and there are waves, so that we got wet all over right until our underwear when we arrived at the Island of Taal.

Actually we were told that we could find some nice restaurants over there but apparently there was none. But fortuneatly we found a small hut in the village there, where they sold some rice and meat sticks. And – surprisingly it tasted delicious.

Then the actual trip started – our hike up the smallest volcano of the world. It was great to hike through the nature and to have this beautiful view over Lake Taal. On our way up the hill we saw like hot condensation come out of some wholes of the ground and the sometimes sandy tracks were black from the ash. Some rocks on the hills were like reddish and blue and also sometimes there hot condensation came out.

The hike in the midday sun was it worth. At the top of the volcano one was able to look inside the volcano and the see the beautiful crater lake whereas another island was to see inside the crater lake.

I arrived in Manila after a huge traffic jam on the way back. It was already after nine o’clock and we were invited to a party and I had to hurry taking a shower, getting dressed and having at least some dinner.

The party took place in the houseof the Bask students. Everyone brought some drinks and we put the, all in the kitchen and everyone was free to take whatever he wanted. The Basks knew some great party games and quickly the ice was broken and we had a lot of fun. It were those kind of games which you can only play with some disinhibition of alcoholic drinks. Still things are embarassing but funny and everone was not afraid to take part in the games which I really enjoyed. It was really fun night which would come to an end around 6am. Afterwards we had some scrambled eggs with an Austrian guy in our place – and he came up with some yummy homemade ham!

(clockwise from 12 o’clock: Judith, Tim, Kathi, Elene, Charlie, Maite, me, Josef)
Sunday after only three hours of sleep we spend the whole day with our Filipino friend Shieg, had some Brunch at our place, lingering around in the living room chatting and going out for some sushi in the evening.

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Orientation Seminar – school is about to start

After a long period of travelling and laziness finally we had our orientation seminar at Ateneo de Manila University to be prepared for classes, which start on Monday of next week.
Typically German we overestimated the time we’d need to go to the school of management, where the orientation seminar took place, and were the first ones to arrive there overly punctual.
When the orientation semninar started first we were introduced to the other International students of this semester, who are from Spain, France, Japan, China, Korea, Austria and Germany.
Then we got to know stuff about Ateneo University, its institutions, rules, grading system, history and many more.
There was a lunch break at which we explored the big caféteria and surprisingly the foos was quite well and as usual really really cheap. Also at that zime in the caféteria we got to know for the first time some of the ‘buddies’. The buddies are students from Ateneo who made it their business to be companions for the incoming students of Ateneo. Everyone has its ‘personal buddy’ who is guidung you to ur academic and also your sparetime life.
After Lunch we had again a lecture on the Filipine culture which was quite interesting and sometimes funny. Subsequently we went in groups together with our buddies on a campus tour. This was also the time, where we could not only get to know our buddies, but also get to know the other International students. There are quite some nice ones among them and tomorrow there is going to be the first party at the Spaniards house in Quezon City. I am really looking forward to this.

Officially school starts on Monday – and actually it feels like school here!
There are strict rules here at the (Catholic) university besides a dresscode whereby violations (Verstöße) are fined (bestraft) with e.g. apology letters. Furthermore it is not like most German lectures are where one is only writing a final exam and the end of the term – no, there are regular quizzez and midterm exams. I will have to get used to this again. But thank God this depends always on the teacher and I am really hoping for some nice ones with no unannounced quizzes during ther term ;)
Judi, Nina and me have only classes from Monday to Wednesday, but actually those days are quite full. Mostly classes endure 3h, so that means if you have three classes a day you spend nine hours at school – breaks are axcluded – so in the end one spends more than 12h on Campus.

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Tagaytay with Tita Jenny

Last monday we were invited by the owner of our apartment, we call her Tita Jenny (Tante Jenny) to go on a trip with her to Tagaytay.
But before the actual trip started we were invited to have a filipino breakfast at her place in Makati. Tita Jenny and Tito Santi (her husband) have a really nice house in which two house maids are caring for our breakfast. They serve rice, a pork dish, beef omelette, fried eggs and coffee, but also a fruit salad and an ube pie.

After finishing our breakfast, we went to Tagaytay 1,5h away from Manila – the personal driver (!) was already waiting for us in the Mercedes van. We had some drinks on the trip to Tagaytay and Tita Jenny told us a lot of things about the Philippines – its food, its people and nice places to go to.

Tagaytay is a really nice place in the Mountains of Central Luzon. From the hilltops of Tagaytay one has a beautiful view over the huge Lake Taal and its Volcano. First we went to a huge Resort and it must have been really expensive their!! The area was huge and every place

was even nicer than the other one and from all over the place one had that nice view to the Taal Volcano.
We asked Tita Jenny for some Filipino food, so we ate dinner in a nice restaurant. We had lots of filipino dishes and they all were really tasteful. We had different kinds of fish, some you eat the whole with bones, vegetables, shrimps, rice and a banana desert.

We spent the whole day in different places of Tagaytay and got to know so much about the Filipino way of living.

In the evening we had Filipino dinner again at Santis and Jennys house. And then they took us round the city to show us the nice places to go especially in the evening. What would we just do without Tita Jenny and Tito Santi! I guess we would need so much time to find nice spots in Manila and now we kniw them all! Thank You Tita and Tito!

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Katipunan Ave

An Evening with Side A in Hard Rock Café

I read on the Internet about this rock band – Side A – that is highly succesful in the Philippines and sold platinum records. Well, no question that we went to their concert in Hard Rock Café last Friday. Actually we, that was only Janina and me, Judith wanted to save her money.
So Nina and me dressed up and took a taxi to Makati.
The evening already began promising. Yet we had to pay no entrance, probably because the staff was so happy to see some foreigner, who want to listen to the most famous band in the Philippines.
Side A was actually really good, they played their own songs, as well as covered ones, to which we could sing along. And yes, the lead singer was flirting with. Haha. After a while the crowd got up from the tables and started dancing – and so we did. After Side A had finished the concert some Filipninoes from the neighboring table invited us to spend the evening with’em. And so we spend a fun night with more live music, free drinks and food, a save ride home with fun company.
In the end we spend no more than our taxi ride and our first beer. What a cheap night. And what a pity for Judi.

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30th October – new travel plans

Before our courses start Janina and I will go on a trip around Central Luzon. Our trip will lead us to the places Talisay, Tagaytay and Pagsanjan (and maybe some more – we’ll see how fast time is running).
But for the rest of the week we have other great plans. On Friday we will go to Hard Rock Café in Makati to ‘Side A’, the most succesful rock band in the Philippines and I am really excited to see’em play. On Saturday we wanna go clubbing and this will probably a lot of fun, cos most of the clubs have special halloween parties, where people get fancy dressed.

And – one thing I am really excited about is our booking for New Year! We found a really cheap promo flight to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and we gonna spend there some days over New Year. This is gonna be fun!

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27th Oct – Getting to know some Germans

Yesterday we got to know some Germans in Manila. In the afternoon Judi and Nina went to the supermarket and while they were talking about which salad to choose, a girl caught that they were speaking German and addresses them. – Kati is from Freising in Bavaria and is going to study at Ateneo, too. She was so pleased to meet the girls, cos she arrived a few days ago all by herself.

I was contacted by another German girl (Ines) via Internet, who read that I am studying in Manila, the same day Nina and Judi got to know Kati in the supermarket.

In the end we met alltogether in the evening for dinner at Teriyaki Boys’ and some good and cheap sushi. We will meet again :)

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Crossing Bohol by Motorbike

Another highlight on Bohol was our trip across the island of Bohol by motorbike.
To begin with – we wore no helmets. There weren’t even some available. Usually the Filipinoes do not wear helmets while driving and so we did. Not to mention that Janina and me do not even have a drivers license for motorbikes, but actually no one does care about it. So we teached ourselves some motorbike lessons and how to shift with the feet. And sure, cos we are the Action! ladies, it worked out quite well.
The good thing about Bohol is, that there is not that much traffic and not that much tourism there, so that is was quite easy to drive.
Unfortuneatly the day didn’t start well and we had to drive through rain. But we made a stop in a village and had the sweetest nescafé in the world. Some boys turned on something like a jukeboy and we listened to Linkin Park – so loud that we couldn’t catch each other words.
We went to the famous chocolate hills, which is a hilly landscape in the middle of the island whereas all hills look like equal chocolate bumps. Actually since it is October the hills were not chocolate, but green. But still very impressive to look at.

After visiting the Chocolate Hills we drifted across the sialnd as far as we could go. Bohol is beautiful and fully green and with the wind in our hair we had a strong feeling of freedom.

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From Tarsiers and Pied Pipers

The other day we went – in a really crowded jeepney – to the Tarsier Sanctuary. Tarsiers are the smallest primates in the world and quite cute to look at. But the visit at the upbringing station was quite disappointing for me.

But our way back to Nuts Huts outweighed for the long trip to the tarsiers. When we arrived in Loboc and made our way though the rice fields haeding to Nuts Huts, some kids spotted us. They ran across the field and crossed our way. They were smiling at us, asking for our names and finally they accompanied our whole way (like half an hour) to Nuts Huts.
They were trying to impress us by doing cart wheels one another. In the end the kids started singing for us all the way back to Nuts Huts and I felt like a Pied Piper, because all those kids were following me singing in a row.
I guess this was one of the most lovely moments we shared on our trip, a one that one cannot foresee or book.

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The most beautiful place

This one day I went on my own to the nearby (Nuts Huts) waterfalls. Is was a wondeful short walk along the Loboc River and through a litlle village with very friendly people, chasing after you, waving and saying hello.
I arrived at the waterfalls and I was overwhelmed by its beauty. I was the only person there, besides a young woman and her daughter, washing colourful clothes in the River. I carried nothing with me, no camera, no cellphone – nothing. I let my clothes at the shore and swam across the river to the waterfalls. I climbed up some small, but slippery mossy rocks. It was beautiful – from there I had a view over all those little creeks and rapids finding their way through a beautiful nature to the waterfalls.
I sat down on one of the rocks just like the little mermaid and enjoyed this wondeful moment for a while. From time to time some small boats were passing by and the people were waving up to me sitting there on the rock – and I am sure they wondered how I got their, because it is realy not easy to come up the slippery rocks.

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