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Christmas in Katipunan

A Christmas Weekend

Last week I stayed exeptionally in Manila. But it was not too bad because I was trying to increase my Christmas feelings that are still a long time coming.

On Friday we went to (attention!) a German Christmas Market on campus. The market was organized by the Goetheinstitut and we were lucks cos it took place for the first time.
There were several boothes on the one hand informing about German history, culture and its Christmas traditions and on the other hand boothes with German food like Stollen, Plätzchen (Christmas cookies), Lebkuchenhäuser (gingerbread houses), kandierte Äpfel (candied apples) and so on.
So I bought a Stollen and with just some small help its almost finished by now.
Furthermore there was a German fairytale fashion show and also some fairytales were acted on stage.
In addition Filipino choirs were singing German Christmas songs and bands were playing as well. Sure it was not like an original German Christmas back home at least because it was the first time for me to sweat on a Christmas market, but still it was nice to have some traditonal things and food from home.

In the evening there was an event called ‘Under the stars’ where they had some entertainment on stage and later on they showed a movie open air on campus. We were having a picnic there together with some Filipino friends.

The next day the Christmas marathon went on. Some weeks ago we bought tickets for the ballet ‘The Nutcracker’. But as usual we had a hard time going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) – in the Philippines everything depends on the traffic ;) But lately it was the worst traffic we experienced so far here in Manila and in the end it took us about two hours by taxi to get there. And this was the reason why we were late for more than half an hour.
But luckily the ballet was quite entertaining.

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