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Roadtrip 1: Melbourne

My two friends, a Dutch friend of them and me, we rented a small baby blue car to go on our road trip. The route started in Sydney. That first day we just spend in the car to go directly to Melbourne. It was beautiful to see how much even in those few hours the landscape outside of the car was changing. When we arrived in Melbourne it was already dark and the city was looking so exciting. I did not expect such a skyline and such a variety of buildings and bridges. It was beautiful. We stopped in a messy party hostel in the district of St. Kilda.

We had some cheap and greasy pizza and a too expensive pint of beer that evening. That road which is going along the sea in St. Kilda is were the backpackers and the party people go. Actually I didn’t like it that much: people were dressed up to kill, too drunk, the music in the bars and in the streets was bad. So we went to bed soon to seize the day in Melbourne the next morning.

That next day we wandered around St. Kilda. It’s much nicer here during the day. There are a lot of colorful small houses with little shops and lots of bakeries. The beach is not a very special one, but wherever there is some sea – it’s worth a visit! And you should come and see the old amusement park.


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