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The story between train rides. Poland. one.

Where do you go for vacation? – To Poland. – Why the hell!

Already before that question I knew why we, a friend with Polish routes and me, wanted to go to Poland: beutiful old cities, hearty food, caring people and some shared history. Seven days, one flight and lots of train rides I am not disappointed.

We started in Krakow. My friend M., who travelled a few days earlier there to visit some family, caught me with her uncle at the airport. He brang us to the city centre of Krakow. The Old town is stunningly beautiful there. Through small streets and alleys lined with colourful, plastered and painted houses you walk Rynek Główny. This main square together with the cloth halles builds the centre of old Krakow. The shops in there are so small that sometimes only one person can stand in a booth.

When there comes darkness in the evening and the lights in the streets arise and lighten the old buildings, Krakow is getting even more romantic. By the way – have you ever seen the sky burning?

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