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Dead Sea - View to Jordan

The Dead Sea

Before rewarding ourselves with a floating bath in the Dead Sea, Kati and me decided to go for another hike around the area of Ein Gedi. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve suggests itself since its just a stone throw away. There are a lot of tourists hiking here, which caused us to think we would not enjoy the hike. But nevertheless it some beautiful piece of nature you should not miss. You have the mountains here, caves, waterfalls, beautiful views and lots of springs for refreshment.

After our visit in the nature reserve we made our way to the Ein Gedi Beach, the only public beach in the area. You change your clothes and walk down the steep and rocky shore. The rocks in the water itself are covered in salt. And then – lay down and float! It’s a strange feeling to lie in the water. But it’s even more strange when you try to swim cos you legs are swinging up and it’s hard to actually have them in the water to swim. Luckily it was a very hot day (28°C) and the water was not too cold. When we went out of the water to dry ourselves in the sun a white encrustation was evolving on our skin.


After a quick shower we jumped in the car again and drove on to Jericho, which belongs to the West Bank (Palestine Territory).

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Salt Rocks

On the Road to the Dead Sea

After leaving Mitspe Ramon we were heading on by car to the Dead Sea. I can highly recommend this route, it was the most beautiful we were riding these days.

Going through the mountains there was still incredible. The nature is rough and lonely here. Unlike around Mitspe Ramon you won’t find tourist busses here when you take the trails to the lookouts. Every now and then we stopped, almost overwhelmed by the harsh beauty of the mountains.

We were still driving through rough desert area, crossing Dimona and Yeruham onwards to the Dead Sea Area where you arrive at some huge salt pools before going up north to the Dead Sea itself. Shortly before you arrive at the salt pools you can enjoy a great view from the mountains. Over the huge white salt rocks and the pools you can look as far as to the reddish mountains on the Jordanian border. It’s feels like your looking over a moonlike landscape. I guess so far this was the most beautiful place I have ever been to. It was breathtaking. Kati and me even stopped talking, just staring over the white rocks sparkling in the sun.

We then continued our way down the mountains and took the road along the salt pools, stopping at Mount Sodom for a quick hike to enjoy the view over to the mountains of Jordan. Riding into the sunset we were relishing the contrast of the very blue Dead Sea and the red illuminated mountains (I picture myself the Mars must look like this). When it was almost dark we arrived at the youth hostel in Ein Gedi.

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