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You spend Christmas in the cold? I did not.

Just one day after I came back from Taipei my sister arrived in Manila. We did some sightseeing/ culture shocking in the city and voila – Christmas was already there.

I spend Christmas Eve together with my flatmates Nina and Judith, our Austrian friend Kati and my sister. Later on in the evening the lonely French Milou was joining us as well.

I cooked the main course of the dinner after a traditional receiot of my mum and I made Bratäpfel for desert. Luckily my mum had sent me some Christmas sweets from Germany and my sister brought some Christmas sweets from home as well.
Late in the evening we went to the Church on campus and I attended my first catholic Christmas mass.

On the second day of Christmas my sister Elli and me left to Caramoan Islands. It was a looong trip by bus, then again by van and at last a boat ride. After 12h of travelling we reached the Caramoan Islands, took a tricycle to Centro Caramoan and looked for accommodation in the small town.
Because we were travelling half a day it was already the next morning and so we started our sightseeing tour right away.
A trike took us to beautiful Paniman beach which is far away from tourism. We only met fishermen and their kids there. The fishermen were pulling huge fishing nets out of the water and on the beach the fish was drying.

Not even the landscape there was nice, even on our way there we went through a beautiful rich landscape. It felt like they had everything there: palms, jungle, mangroves, rivers, the sea, beaches in white and brown, mountains and valleys and rice fields and lots of animals.

We spent the whole day on the beach and walking through the beautiful valley behind Paniman beach. Some kids were joining us while we were sitting at the shore.
The next day we rented a boat and went to the small Islands of Caramoan. There one can find one island after the other and every island is a paradise for itself. The island hopping ws really relaxing – boat ride, beach, sun, boat ride, beach sun etc. After that we went to Gota beach and went hiking though the area and the valley there as well.
And finally Christmas was over and Elli and me were on our way back to Manila.


But the journey did not come to an end. Next destination: Vietnam.

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