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Roadtrip 3: Port Campbell

Our next episode on the Great Ocean Road was probably the most exciting one. That day we started from Lorne to Port Campbell, which is the most famous part of the whole road.

But before arriving at the famous Twelve Apostles, we had something different on our travel schedule: Koala bears! At Kennet River you will find a lot of Koalas in the trees. You just have to walk or drive up the little Grey River Road. First it’s hard to see the Koalas in the trees, but once you spotted one you will see the bears all over! It is also a good place to see canaries. They were not shy at all and were coming down on us to be feeded.

We had a fun time there. But sadly it started to rain, so we jumped back in the car to go to Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles. When we arrived at the first apostles we were already very excited. Those huge rocks in the sea look very impressive. After a quick stop at the beach we went on to the look-out from where you could all the twelve of the apostles.


When you continue your journey along the Great Ocean Road after visiting the Twelves Apostles, you will find a lot more stunning rock formations in the sea such as London Arch, Loch Ard Gorge or the Grotto. It was a stormy day and the sea was wild. You could feels the salty spray of the sea in you face. I really liked the rough atmosphere. Everything was changing second after second: the waving grasslands, the foaming sea, the clouds in the sky. Just the huge rocks stood still like they always had.


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Roadtrip 2: Torquay and Lorne

After the short stay in Melbourne we continued our road trip to the Great Ocean Road, which goes along the south coast from Torquay to Allensford. This road is just about 250 km long, but still there is a lot of beautiful (nature) places to see, so you will stop a lot. There are still some kilometers to go from Melbourne to Torquay. From the the road starts to curl along the shore line. On our way we stopped every now and then to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

One of the touristy attractions on that part was the Split Point Lighthouse. A very white lighthouse enthroned on the green spring coast. That day it was not possible to go up the spire. From there you also enjoy a very nice and wide view over the cost and some impressive rocks in the water. It was a very sunny day, so we sat down on one of the wooden benches, letting the wind blow our hair wild.

We then went on to Lorne. It was not too easy to find a hostel there, but finally we found some place to stay in a very nice pension in the rainforest where the cockatoos were lingering on the terraces, the roofs of the guesthouses and in the trees. Unfortunately the operator of the place was some kind of a cleaning maniac and a choleric. But if this doesn’t agitate you, you will enjoy you stay in the wonderful green place.

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Roadtrip 1: Melbourne

My two friends, a Dutch friend of them and me, we rented a small baby blue car to go on our road trip. The route started in Sydney. That first day we just spend in the car to go directly to Melbourne. It was beautiful to see how much even in those few hours the landscape outside of the car was changing. When we arrived in Melbourne it was already dark and the city was looking so exciting. I did not expect such a skyline and such a variety of buildings and bridges. It was beautiful. We stopped in a messy party hostel in the district of St. Kilda.

We had some cheap and greasy pizza and a too expensive pint of beer that evening. That road which is going along the sea in St. Kilda is were the backpackers and the party people go. Actually I didn’t like it that much: people were dressed up to kill, too drunk, the music in the bars and in the streets was bad. So we went to bed soon to seize the day in Melbourne the next morning.

That next day we wandered around St. Kilda. It’s much nicer here during the day. There are a lot of colorful small houses with little shops and lots of bakeries. The beach is not a very special one, but wherever there is some sea – it’s worth a visit! And you should come and see the old amusement park.


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Arriving in Sydney

After my stay in the Philippines I took a plane to Sydney, Australia. Two good friends are staying in the district of Darlinghurst for a few months and asked me to come over for a visit. And so did I.

I had not a lot of time to go around the city, cos we were leaving the next day for a trip to Melbourne and Great Ocean Road. But still, my first impression of Sydney is: it’s clean, has a lot of green spots, but it’s not the cosy kind of city. And on the contrary to most of the people who have been to Australia – I do not think people are very friendly. But maybe it’s just Sydney. We’ll see.

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