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Soon to go

This week was awesome and unfortunately the last week with all those nice people together. There were great parties, especially the Worst Taste Party in Martin and Tobi’s flat, some nice activities on the weekend, poker and the Backstreet Boys live in Manila.
It is sad, because the first ones are leaving for travelling cos their classes have already ended. I realized that this time here in Manila is coming to an end and I can tell this time has been one of the best in my life. It was a very, very exciting experience to be here and there are a lot of things I will miss when I am back home to reality in Germany.
Saying goodbye is always not easy and today there was the first time to say goodbye – the Bask are leaving tomorrow for travel reasons. I hope to see at least some of them again.

Here there is a list of things I am going to miss about this life here in Manila:

the exchange students
travelling almost every weekend
random people smiling at you on the street
cheap prices for everything that is fun
24h stores
having a bunch of friends just some floors away
sushi at Teriyaki Boy
the crowded markets, where you can get everything
Cebu Pacific Air
the ripe mangoes
wifi everywhere
soap like stories written by life
the freedom
the street kids infront of Burgundy
‘Nobody, nobody but you’
‘I’ve gotta feeling’
the view of my apartment
Tuesdays and Thursdays

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