Roadtrip 3: Port Campbell

Our next episode on the Great Ocean Road was probably the most exciting one. That day we started from Lorne to Port Campbell, which is the most famous part of the whole road.

But before arriving at the famous Twelve Apostles, we had something different on our travel schedule: Koala bears! At Kennet River you will find a lot of Koalas in the trees. You just have to walk or drive up the little Grey River Road. First it’s hard to see the Koalas in the trees, but once you spotted one you will see the bears all over! It is also a good place to see canaries. They were not shy at all and were coming down on us to be feeded.

We had a fun time there. But sadly it started to rain, so we jumped back in the car to go to Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles. When we arrived at the first apostles we were already very excited. Those huge rocks in the sea look very impressive. After a quick stop at the beach we went on to the look-out from where you could all the twelve of the apostles.


When you continue your journey along the Great Ocean Road after visiting the Twelves Apostles, you will find a lot more stunning rock formations in the sea such as London Arch, Loch Ard Gorge or the Grotto. It was a stormy day and the sea was wild. You could feels the salty spray of the sea in you face. I really liked the rough atmosphere. Everything was changing second after second: the waving grasslands, the foaming sea, the clouds in the sky. Just the huge rocks stood still like they always had.


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