Orientation Seminar – school is about to start

After a long period of travelling and laziness finally we had our orientation seminar at Ateneo de Manila University to be prepared for classes, which start on Monday of next week.
Typically German we overestimated the time we’d need to go to the school of management, where the orientation seminar took place, and were the first ones to arrive there overly punctual.
When the orientation semninar started first we were introduced to the other International students of this semester, who are from Spain, France, Japan, China, Korea, Austria and Germany.
Then we got to know stuff about Ateneo University, its institutions, rules, grading system, history and many more.
There was a lunch break at which we explored the big caféteria and surprisingly the foos was quite well and as usual really really cheap. Also at that zime in the caféteria we got to know for the first time some of the ‘buddies’. The buddies are students from Ateneo who made it their business to be companions for the incoming students of Ateneo. Everyone has its ‘personal buddy’ who is guidung you to ur academic and also your sparetime life.
After Lunch we had again a lecture on the Filipine culture which was quite interesting and sometimes funny. Subsequently we went in groups together with our buddies on a campus tour. This was also the time, where we could not only get to know our buddies, but also get to know the other International students. There are quite some nice ones among them and tomorrow there is going to be the first party at the Spaniards house in Quezon City. I am really looking forward to this.

Officially school starts on Monday – and actually it feels like school here!
There are strict rules here at the (Catholic) university besides a dresscode whereby violations (Verstöße) are fined (bestraft) with e.g. apology letters. Furthermore it is not like most German lectures are where one is only writing a final exam and the end of the term – no, there are regular quizzez and midterm exams. I will have to get used to this again. But thank God this depends always on the teacher and I am really hoping for some nice ones with no unannounced quizzes during ther term ;)
Judi, Nina and me have only classes from Monday to Wednesday, but actually those days are quite full. Mostly classes endure 3h, so that means if you have three classes a day you spend nine hours at school – breaks are axcluded – so in the end one spends more than 12h on Campus.

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