Cebu Waterfalls

On our way with Super Mario and Action Eric

Action! – This is our new motto since we met Jochen Hanika of Planet Action Adventure. Jochen is from Munich and is living in the Philippines now for more than twenty years and runs a business of adventure tours, a resort and a restaurant (last filling station – yummy).
One day we went on one of his adventurous tours – river climbing. We went to the Kawasan Falls and the Matutinao River near Moalboal by the Action truck, with us two guides, a driver and some cooks.
But there in the wilderness it was only the three of us and the two guides: Super Mario and Action Eric. This trip was one of the best things I ever did. We hiked through the beautiful nature, up the hills, through the jungle, across the river. We had to climb the waterfalls with our bare hands and had to jump off the cliffs and swim against the strong current. Sounds adveturous? – It was. Action!

The tour endured like four or five hours and afterwards when we arrived in a small village the cooks already did some nice barbeque for us. Great. That was really what we needed.

In the evening we often found ourselves at Jochen’s Last Filling Station, because the food there was good and cheap. And since Jochen is such a nice guy he once invited us to a beer.
Another nice coincidence that time was, that Ziva (the Slowene couchsurfing girl from Cebu City) arrived just one day after us in Moalboal, so we went for dinner every night.

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