Chinese New Year Hongkong

Hongkong and Lunar New Year

The other day we went to a beautiful Chinese garden, which also included typical ancient Chinese architecture. Close to that garden was as well the Chin Lin Nunnery – a beautiful buddhist neunnery. By coincidence we met our German friends Tobi and Martin from Manila there. And after that we spend a lot of time with them in Hongkong.

After our visit at the nunnery we walked to another temple, supposedly the busiest one in Hongkong. It was a quite big temple area and there actually were a lot of people around – believers, but also tourists.

Wherever one is going in Hongkong to find a nice place like a temple or a garden or a park. It is always visibly surrounded by skyscrapers. In fact one can call Hongkong definetly the city of skyscrapers. I liked those big differences within the city, on the one hand those old temples and on the other hand those tall and often very modern buildings. The rest of that day was kind of lazy, we were hanging around in the malls a lot, because the weather was so bad. We tried to check out some musuems, but unfortunately most of them were closed, because it was either too late or closed because of Lunar New Year.

In the evening I went to the longest ‘Travelator’ in the world. A travelator means, that there are lots of escalators going up that one hill on Hongkong Island, but in between one can also find some short tracks to walk from escalator to escalator.

Those escalators also led through the mid-levels, where Soho is located. Soho is especially at night a very nice area to go. They have a lot of nice restos, bars and pubs there and one can also find a lot of clubs.

The next day we decided to go to a place in the New Territories called the ’10.000 Buddhas Monastery’. I can only highly recommend that place, it is just so impressive. There really are thousands of Buddhas that are siding the way up the hill to the temple. Every Buddha looks different and they are life-sized. When you are looking up the way everything is golden, it is amazing.

After you made your way through the Buddhas you will stop by a beautiful temple and a pagoda. The place was very crowded that day, I think because it was around New Years and people were saying their prayers.

Again inside the temple there were thousands of Buddhas, all the walls were packed with them until under the ceiling. Outside there was a dragon dancing to collect some of those Red New Years Envelops.

From the temple one could continue walking up the hill, this time the way was aligned by colourful Buddahs. Up that hill one could find more golden Buddhas and some GRABSTÄTTEN; as well as a huge marbled Buddha statue.

After that we went to supposedly one of the oldest streets in Hongkong, the Queens Road. I was expecting some very very old buildings. But actually on the left side of the street there were the old skyscrapers and on the other side there were the new and modern ones. Unfortunatley all the shops selling ancient goods and handicrafts were closed again.

That day we also passed by the Western market and the business district of Hongkong.

And finally it was evening and the International Parade ANLÄSSLICH DES Chinses New Year was about to start. The streets were very crowded and there were people from all over the world to see the parade. The parade was awsome – just have a look at the pictures:

The last day in Hongkong I spend most of the on my own. It was nice to explore the city in my own speed and just follwoing my own interests for a day. First I went to Hongkong park, where I passed by the impressive Bank of China Tower. I found a nice viewpoint in Hongkong Park, where I could overlook the city, alothough it was very foggy again. I stopped by some sights of the colonial era, like the St. John’s church and then sadly the Hongkong visit was almost over.

Back to Manila, back to the warmth.

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