Hiking in Bohol jungle

Cos since we met Jochen on Cebu we cannot bear one day without Action! That is why we decided to go hiking on Bohol. We started in the morning with our hiking guide and the Belgian owner of Nuts Huts was joining us.
We went up the hills and the hike was quite tough. But besides all the struggles (Anstrengungen) to get up, the view on top of the hill was wonderful. Again we felt like real adventurers cos we had to make our way throughout the jungle and our guide cut off the way with its machete (Buschmesser).
Arriving on hill top we went on to some bat caves (Fledermaushöhlen), in which we climbed in and made our way through the caves with the help of flashlights. One could see thousands of bats flying around in those caves, just right above your head. In addition we saw big scorpion spiders and huge stalagmites and stalagtites coming from the wally of the caves.
After cooling down in the various caves we went on our way back down the hills in the burning midday sun.

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