From Tarsiers and Pied Pipers

The other day we went – in a really crowded jeepney – to the Tarsier Sanctuary. Tarsiers are the smallest primates in the world and quite cute to look at. But the visit at the upbringing station was quite disappointing for me.

But our way back to Nuts Huts outweighed for the long trip to the tarsiers. When we arrived in Loboc and made our way though the rice fields haeding to Nuts Huts, some kids spotted us. They ran across the field and crossed our way. They were smiling at us, asking for our names and finally they accompanied our whole way (like half an hour) to Nuts Huts.
They were trying to impress us by doing cart wheels one another. In the end the kids started singing for us all the way back to Nuts Huts and I felt like a Pied Piper, because all those kids were following me singing in a row.
I guess this was one of the most lovely moments we shared on our trip, a one that one cannot foresee or book.

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