From Galilee to Golan

On Saturday we had a quick breakfast at Ido’s place. His dad was making some Arab coffee for us. Then Ido, Noa, Kati and me left by car for the Sea of Galilei where Jesus walked on water and the miracle of loaves and fishes happened. You will see a lot of pilgrims here. But there are also quiet places and the Sea of Galilee is a beautiful place anyway.

After that we made our way through Galilee up North to the Golan Heights close to the border of Syria. We came here in the best time of the year. Spring is immersing the hills with light green spots and lots of flours. You can see carpets of purple and yellow flowers, every now and then lanced be red poppy seeds and grazing cows. In general the Golan Heights are worth a visit – it’s nature is vast, rough and graceful all at once. It’s a pity you can not hike here since the land is full of mines. We stopped at Mount Bental. From there you can have a wide look over Israel but also to Syria. In the middle of this vast nature you are standing in this sun, it’s chilly and you can see the snowcapped Mount Hermon which partly belongs to Syria, partly to Israel. It’s an area of conflict, which Ido again explained to us. We sat down for a rest and Ido made some coffee for us on a gas cooker. Even nowadays this is not a carefree place – that day bombs were dropped in the border area right after we left.

Not knowing about the bombing we went unharmed on through Golan to Gamla – a nature reserve (with eagles) and an ancient Jewish settlement. We hiked around the area, visiting the Jewish settlement. Ido was very ambitious in being a good guide – he told us all the stories about Gamla. We hiked the hill on which the settlement was built and which looks like the back of a camel. I really liked the view on top of that hill. One had a view over the mountains until the Sea of Galilee.

After our hike we had some hearty food in the Israeli Brewery of Golan in Katsrin. Right after this refreshment we got back on the car to go back to Ido’s place in Tel Aviv.

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