First week since university started

I just dunno what to say. I had a great great great week. Actually it feels like there have been weeks since we got to know the other exchange students last friday.
Since then those days we defined by lots of activities and parties besides school. The first party was already on Monday and the party marathon wouldn’t come to an end. I had less sleep this week, esecially because I have classes in the morning. But I survived.

At the moment everyone is in the mood of socializing and finding friends. So we did a lot of things together these days. One of the highlights for me was the tour on Pasig River, the river which is floating through Manila. One has a beautiful view over Makati business district but one can also see the slums and kids are running besides the ferries waving towards the tourists. In some areas the Pasig River is really dirty and lots of rubbish is floating in the water. But still this is kind of interesting for me, because I never saw something like that before.
We are hanging around with some fun exchange students and I can’t remember since when I have laughed so much. For example there is Charlie, a French guy, and he has this really funny French accent when he is talking in English. Well, sometimes he makes funny mistakes, e.g. he pronounces the word ‘beach’ like ‘bitch’ and stuff like that.
Today after a lazy and long breakfast at our place, Josef (Austrian), Yvonne (Austrian), Kathi (German), Charlie (French) and me spend our time in the pool in our condominium (Wohnhaus) watching the sunset. We decided to do that every evening.Next weekend we are probably going to Batangas to make our open water diving license.

Actually besides the parties and the trips there is also university. And I can tell that I really like the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) so far. The campus is really nice and crowded the whole day. The stundents are lingering around in the green spots, the hallways, the cafeterias. It’s a very nice atmosphere and actually the food in the cafeteria is surprisingly good.
I am attending four courses now, which last for three hours each: Performance and Presentation, Feature Film Directing, Visual Thinking for Communication Managers and Basic Video and TV Production. I have a lot of practical things to do, e.g. I have to shoot a short film and an advertisement and I am really looking forward to this.
Hopefully I am going to attend a Tagalog course, the Filipino language, too. But there is no course at ADMU that I could attend. But Sheena, our nice lady from the Office for International Programs is looking for a teacher from the University of the Philippines to give some private lessons for the exchange students.
In one courses, which Judi is also attending, we have to fulfill a personal challenge and document it. I am not sure yet what my personal challenge will be, but I am joining Judith’ challenge: Try as much Filipino food as you can. So we are eating traditional Filipino food and try something new every single day. As far as I can tell the traditional Filipino cuisine is not that bad, but actually there are some things that are really strange to me.
For example this breakfast we ate salted egg with five other exchange students. Salted egg is buried in mudd (Schlamm) and Salt for more than two weeks.

After that it is ready to eat. The taste was so disgusting (eklig) that I could not stand it and had to spit it out. Judi and Charlie we the brave ones to swallow (runterschlucken) the whole bite of the egg.
Tomorrow there are classes again and I have to present my first homework for performance and presentation: I have to introduce somebody else of my class and for sure somebody else will introduce me. So I am really excited what this will be like.

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