First day in school

Today was the day classes should start and we should have been given our class schedule on the weekend, but unfortuneatly there was no class schedule there. – Business as usual, everything is a little lazy here in the Philippines. So the bad thing about it was, that I have a class on Monday morning 7.30am if my first prefence courses were confirmed. But since I had no confirmation of my class schedule I had to go their by chance. Fortuneatly there was class and I was assigned.

The class on Monday is about ‘Performance and Presentation’ and I really liked, especially because it is a very small class of only eleven people, which offers a very good learing atmosphere.

I had chosen only courses on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But when I went to the Office for International Programs to ask for my schedule I got to know that my schedule actually has changed and now I have courses Monday to Thursday. This is a pity, cos this means less time for travelling. I thought about skipping the course on Monday, cos on Thursday there are two courses, but since I really liked this special class today I decided to last it as it is for now.

I am really excited for the next courses cos actually the class on Monday is relatively lean back, but usually one has to do a lot (!) of homework. Let’s see.

Now that I have classes from Monday to Thursday I have to choose my cuts ((Schwänzen) wisely, cos there are only three cuts for each class in a whole semester. I think I will have to get used to this kind of school-like system. But actually I am convinced to learn a lot, cos I am forced to work a lot for university during the semester.

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