Exploring Haifa

Tuesday morning we got up rather early to catch the train to Haifa, which is a northern harbour city in Israel and only an hour ride away. It was again a very hot and sunny day. Under a clear blue sky we walked from Haifa Merkaz station to the Bahai Gardens with its Temple. Unfortunately the temple was not open, so we could not enter. Nevertheless the garden is worth a visit.

The Arab quarter “Wadi Nisnas” of Haifa is just a stone throw away from Bahai. There is not much to say except for that it is a very nice neighborhood with very friendly people. You can get lost in the tiny lanes and enjoy the felafels here.

After some refreshment by a felafel and some lemonade we walked through the city until we reached the subway. According to our friend Asaf, who is originally from Haifa, this subway is the shortest in the world (there are only six stations) and the only one in whole Israel.  It’s a cute little train that goes up the mountain at the outer edge of Haifa. We only travelled three stations and got off at Masada. If you buy into Asaf it’s the only “cool” street in Haifa, where the young people go to hang around. The Masada street is very short, but Asaf was right: its cool.

We spend some time in Masada sitting in Zebra Café, which is a small, hippiesque coffee shop with homemade cakes and pastries and read some book and took it the easy way. Afterwards we threw ourselves again in the little train and went up on top of the mountain, where you have a beautiful view over the city, can visit the Zoo and a (not too fancy) garden.

Haifa View

From the top of the hill we went down a narrow stairway to the city. Somewhere on the way we got lost and found ourselves somewhere in an industrial area. In the end we succeeded in finding the way back to the Merkaz Train Station.

Next stop: Jerusalem. Noas Place.

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