Crossing Bohol by Motorbike

Another highlight on Bohol was our trip across the island of Bohol by motorbike.
To begin with – we wore no helmets. There weren’t even some available. Usually the Filipinoes do not wear helmets while driving and so we did. Not to mention that Janina and me do not even have a drivers license for motorbikes, but actually no one does care about it. So we teached ourselves some motorbike lessons and how to shift with the feet. And sure, cos we are the Action! ladies, it worked out quite well.
The good thing about Bohol is, that there is not that much traffic and not that much tourism there, so that is was quite easy to drive.
Unfortuneatly the day didn’t start well and we had to drive through rain. But we made a stop in a village and had the sweetest nescafé in the world. Some boys turned on something like a jukeboy and we listened to Linkin Park – so loud that we couldn’t catch each other words.
We went to the famous chocolate hills, which is a hilly landscape in the middle of the island whereas all hills look like equal chocolate bumps. Actually since it is October the hills were not chocolate, but green. But still very impressive to look at.

After visiting the Chocolate Hills we drifted across the sialnd as far as we could go. Bohol is beautiful and fully green and with the wind in our hair we had a strong feeling of freedom.

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