Climbing A Volcano

There was another thing on my Philippine checklist. I wanted to climb a volcano – the Filipino way of course. Which means: it’s actually not safe to hike and climb up an active volcano without appropriate gear and no signal for your cell. But nevertheless: it’s adventure, it makes you feel yourself and nature and it makes you feels free. So me, two Israelis and some Filipino guides took this two day rough hike. The first day was easy. We spend the night in tents halfway on the volcano and got up at three in the morning to climb up before sunrise and heat. It was raining, so the extrusive lava rocks were slippery and sometimes we had to crawl on all fours. But when we arrived at the crater – it was amazing! The sky cleared up, it was so silent. There was nothing but sky and the smell of sulfur. Because the sulfur was so strong and we had no masks we had to go down again after a few minutes. That same day we went down all the way of the volcano. And I can tell: the next day I have had the worst aching muscles ever in my life. But it was worth it!

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