Balut, Diving and many more…

To say it in Tim’s words: it’s crazy! One week after another I can tell that I probably had the nicest experience in the Philippines. And in fact – last week was crazy:

On Wednesday we went to a Filipino restaurant ( and we ate with our fingers – Filipino style), altogether more than twenty people. Actually we rented a whole jeepney for the bunch of exchange students and I can tell, it was till very crowded in there. They had a huge buffet there and I was eating as much Filipino food as I could – ans in fact I liked a lot of things we ate there. Even the chicken intestines!

The other day was a Girls Day – my buddy, some other Filipinas and Judi, Kathi, Yvonne and me went to Greenshills. And since the Ateneans are rich people we had our own driver to bring us there. Greenshills is a huge shopping area where one can find a mall as well as markets. And it is really unbelievable how cheap chEAP CHEAP it is. For instants you can buy shorts for Php 100 (~ 1,50€). Again we had Filipino food in a restaurant afterwards and I think I am really going to like it.

In the evening when we came back from Greenshills there was a party like almost everyday. But for me this night was a special one, not only because our Filipino buddies were joining us for the party.

I ate Balut Balut Balut! Yes, I did it. I ate the crazy half hatched duck egg (halbausgebrütetes Entenei) where you can already see the duck inside. But surprisingly it was not that bad, it actually looks worse than it tastes. And the party kept on being funny, I dunno why but the mood this last Thursday was really really good. And I found myself on a terrasse of a student’s house singing songs in the sunrise while Tim and Charly were playing the guitar – although I was about to leave for the Island of Mindoro six o’clock in the morning.

And here we go! Right after the party and only a quick shower we made our way to the Island of Mindoro to learn diving.

The Island of Mindoro is beautiful, especially its Peninsula Puerto Galera with White Beach and Palms trees all over. We arrived by boat right infront of our Diving Resort AB Wonderdive in Sabang on Puerto Galera. It is a beautiful place right at the beach and the staff is really really nice and friendly.

The seven of us – Josef, Kathi, Yvonne, Nina, Judi, Charly and me – shared a beautiful room with a great view right at the Sea. But in fact we didn’t spend much time there cos we were very busy with our diving course.

After some theoretical part on the first we made some diving exercise in the pool and went then to our first dive in the Sea! It was great. It was amazing. I thought diving would be more difficult to learn but it’s not. It is actually fun and when you are underwater you don’t even recognize the depth.

I saw so many beautiful things: colourful corals, lots of starfishes, sea snakes, sea urchins (Seeigel), sea cucumber, lots of different kinds of fish, shoals (Fischschwärme) and actually all ‘Finding Nemo’ fishes ;)

After this first diving course I am now officially a Scuba Diver. Some of us want to go back to that place in Sabang and upgrade our diving license to an Open Water License. This means that you are allowed to Dive in a Buddy Team without an instructor all over the world!

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