big oak tree at Habima

Arriving in Tel Aviv

After our flight had a three hours delay Kati and me finally arrived in Tel Aviv. The plane was flying over the Mediterranean Sea and made a long u-turn around Tel Aviv before it landed, so we could have a look at the landscape: It looks so beautiful and much more green than I thought.

Right at the airport we saw a lot of people in costumes. It’s Purim – the jewish carnival, or what the call it: The Jewish halloween. In Tel Aviv itself the streets were crowded with people in fancy dresses. There are lots of people in the street and you can see the different cultural and ethnic influences from the Arab Countries, Europe and the Jews. Some people wear traditional clothes, some are very modern, some girls are wearing short skirts and heels.

In the evening, after checking in to some hostel in the centre, we met my two Israeli friends at Habima Theatre Square, which is a very nice and modern place. “Right at the big oak tree” we were supposed to meet.

big oak tree at Habima

But actually there were two big oaks trees, but we finally were able to find each other. My Israeli friends Noa and Ido brought along their friend Asaf. We made our way from Habima Square along the very busy Rothschild street, which hosts a lot of restaurants and cafés. We had dinner in a small place called Benedict, where you can get breakfast all day. Together we decided on a travel plan: Tel Aviv. Jerusalem. Dead Sea. Then we will go on a trip to Ido’s parents in Galilei and see the spring flowers in the mountains. Then Kati and me will travel into the desert and Mitzpe Ramon.

After dinner it was time to sleep. The next morning we moved into Ido’s apartment, which is very pretty and has colorful flowers in front of the big windows. Right now we are having an Israeli Breakfast. And then we will explore the city by day.

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