An exciting weekend

After a great start into the weekend with the Orientation Seminar on Friday the last weekend would end very nice too.

On Saturday morning I met Ines, a German graduate student who is doing her interviews for her diplome thesis in the Phillies, in Pasay to go to Tagaytay again. We took a bus to Tagaytay and during the whole ride there was a horribly loud and really bad action movie.

In Tagaytay we bargained for a triclycle and rode to Talisay. The route down the hill was wonderful and we had a beautiful view of Lake Taal and the Volcano on the Island inside the lake. Having arrived in Talisay we took a boat to take over to the Taal Island. The lake is so big (3rd big one ine the Philippines) that it feels like one is out on the Sea and there are waves, so that we got wet all over right until our underwear when we arrived at the Island of Taal.

Actually we were told that we could find some nice restaurants over there but apparently there was none. But fortuneatly we found a small hut in the village there, where they sold some rice and meat sticks. And – surprisingly it tasted delicious.

Then the actual trip started – our hike up the smallest volcano of the world. It was great to hike through the nature and to have this beautiful view over Lake Taal. On our way up the hill we saw like hot condensation come out of some wholes of the ground and the sometimes sandy tracks were black from the ash. Some rocks on the hills were like reddish and blue and also sometimes there hot condensation came out.

The hike in the midday sun was it worth. At the top of the volcano one was able to look inside the volcano and the see the beautiful crater lake whereas another island was to see inside the crater lake.

I arrived in Manila after a huge traffic jam on the way back. It was already after nine o’clock and we were invited to a party and I had to hurry taking a shower, getting dressed and having at least some dinner.

The party took place in the houseof the Bask students. Everyone brought some drinks and we put the, all in the kitchen and everyone was free to take whatever he wanted. The Basks knew some great party games and quickly the ice was broken and we had a lot of fun. It were those kind of games which you can only play with some disinhibition of alcoholic drinks. Still things are embarassing but funny and everone was not afraid to take part in the games which I really enjoyed. It was really fun night which would come to an end around 6am. Afterwards we had some scrambled eggs with an Austrian guy in our place – and he came up with some yummy homemade ham!

(clockwise from 12 o’clock: Judith, Tim, Kathi, Elene, Charlie, Maite, me, Josef)
Sunday after only three hours of sleep we spend the whole day with our Filipino friend Shieg, had some Brunch at our place, lingering around in the living room chatting and going out for some sushi in the evening.

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