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An Evening with Side A in Hard Rock Café

I read on the Internet about this rock band – Side A – that is highly succesful in the Philippines and sold platinum records. Well, no question that we went to their concert in Hard Rock Café last Friday. Actually we, that was only Janina and me, Judith wanted to save her money.
So Nina and me dressed up and took a taxi to Makati.
The evening already began promising. Yet we had to pay no entrance, probably because the staff was so happy to see some foreigner, who want to listen to the most famous band in the Philippines.
Side A was actually really good, they played their own songs, as well as covered ones, to which we could sing along. And yes, the lead singer was flirting with. Haha. After a while the crowd got up from the tables and started dancing – and so we did. After Side A had finished the concert some Filipninoes from the neighboring table invited us to spend the evening with’em. And so we spend a fun night with more live music, free drinks and food, a save ride home with fun company.
In the end we spend no more than our taxi ride and our first beer. What a cheap night. And what a pity for Judi.

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  1. Marieke

    moinmoin teresa!after weeks without www i actually got the chance to read your blog and the story of poor judi and your great night at hard rock cafe. irony of fate makes the best stories. i laughed my head off! furthermore i hope you three hava great time in the "near" of sydney, where i unfortunately can't be. so let's give some greetz to the southern world, but never forget to say: "moin", if you'll meet some other rostock guy, like i did last week in munich. u're also welcome to read my blog riegge.myblog.de. otherwise see you, back in snowy ilmenau *brr*.greetz_rieke_

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