30th October – new travel plans

Before our courses start Janina and I will go on a trip around Central Luzon. Our trip will lead us to the places Talisay, Tagaytay and Pagsanjan (and maybe some more – we’ll see how fast time is running).
But for the rest of the week we have other great plans. On Friday we will go to Hard Rock Café in Makati to ‘Side A’, the most succesful rock band in the Philippines and I am really excited to see’em play. On Saturday we wanna go clubbing and this will probably a lot of fun, cos most of the clubs have special halloween parties, where people get fancy dressed.

And – one thing I am really excited about is our booking for New Year! We found a really cheap promo flight to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and we gonna spend there some days over New Year. This is gonna be fun!

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