2nd day in Manila

Our second day here in Manila is slowly passing by.  Today we got to know Sheena from the Office for International Programs, though we visited Loyola Heights Campus for the first time. She was so kind to help us finding an apartment near campus. We already visited two apartments – one was really nice. But we are going to see some houses tomorrow in which other International students live, which sounds very interesting.

Today our first ride by a tricycle, which is a regular means of public transport, was a lot of fun.
Everything’s so different here. The streets are really dirty compared to Germany and there are lots of cables are running over ones head along the streets. There is a lot of American food here, especially fastfood restaurants, but also a lot of street vendors selling exotic food.
But in the end WE are the real exotics here. Everybody is looking at us, some are asking where we are from and what we are doing here – always very friendly. Since now I did not see any European except the three of us.

And – finally – no worries about us here in Manila. Actually we are not affected by the flood. The only thing is that there are donation boxes for the victims. But we did not see a flooded area or something. We are really fine here.

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