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Sailing Conductors in Cartagena

Hit The Sea Jack.

You just arrived in Colombia, in the beautiful old town of Cartagena. You visit a friend here and when you wake up, you are alone. She has left for work. There are two sailing vagabonds coming over to Casa Cultural Colombo Alemana. This is at least what you thought. But those two young sailors where not some vagabonds, playing some music on a guitar. It’s more. Hannes and Ben call themselves the Sailing Conductors. Once they did not know what to do after their studies and so they bought a sailing boat. And since then they were recording music on their trip with people from all over the world. This is about two years ago. That particular day they were in Cartagena. In the Casa Alemana, where your friend was working and you were dropping by. There were still eight more months to go for them. They recorded the whole day, in the heat of the day and the glooming sun of Carribean Cartagena. You were a listener. Both of the music. And their stories. There were a lot to tell. What a good start. Hello Colombia!




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