1st day in Hongkong

Those laste days we – Shieg, Yvonne, Judith and Nina – have been in Hongkong.
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We arrived last Friday evening in the notorious Chung King Mansion. From the outide this building looks stunningly ugly and dirty. But inside it offered a lot of hostels and actually ours was nice, but the room was ‘Hongkong-tiny-tiny’.

The next morning we went up early to see a lot of the city. We found a nice brochure (you can get it at the Airport) with a lot of walking tours inside. Our first walk took us through Kowloon, a District that is set on the Mainland. We first started at the Avenue of Stars, which is like the Chinese walk of fame. There one also had this beautiful skyline view over probably one of the most stunning harbours in the world. We continued our walk to the Cultural Centre, the Heritage and this one street with all the designer shops (but in between an H&M as well!), then to the Kowloon Park and then straight to The Terraces, Jade Market and Jade Street.

After that we went to the Temple close to Jade Market and then to Ladies and Goldfish Market.

Inside this one temple I was a witness of some kind of ritual dance. Some Chinese in traditional costumes were playing traditional instruments and were singing in the temple. And suddenly that one random girl just joined this group to do some kind of dance. Fantastic!

When we went through Shanghai street, which is actually supposed to be one of the oldest streets in Hongkong, there was unfortuneatly not much to see. But back on Nathan Road I felt like in Real Asia. It was so crowded and everywhere I looked, there were just black heads.

The Ladies market, which is also worth seeing for men, because it supplies also men’s stuff, was very crowded, too.

Not far away from Ladies Market one can find the Goldfish, Flower and Bird Market. But we were so cold (12°C outside…brrr) that we stopped our walk after the Goldfish Market.

In the evening then we went to the Symphony of lights in Hongkong’s beautiful Victoria Harbour. It is basically a laser show and also the various skyscrapers are turning on and off their colourful lights to the music.

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